Unlock the Beauty of ABLashes Every Sunday at Benjamin Boutique

Unlock the Beauty of ABLashes Every Sunday at Benjamin Boutique

Unlock the Beauty of ABLashes Every Sunday at Benjamin Boutique

Elevate your gaze and embrace the enchantment of ABLashes, available exclusively at Benjamin Boutique every Sunday. Our salon invites you to experience the artistry and allure of perfectly crafted lashes that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty.

The Beauty of ABLashes at Benjamin Boutique

At Benjamin Boutique, we understand that lashes aren’t just an accessory—they’re an expression of your individuality. Our skilled lash technicians specialize in the art of ABLashes, meticulously tailoring each set to complement your unique eye shape and personal style.

Variety of Lash Styles at Your Fingertips

Choose from our range of exquisite lash styles to suit your preferences:

Classic or Y shape: £40 (Infill: £30)
Hybrids: £40 (Infill: £30)
Russian: £50 (Infill: £40)
Need a quick touch-up? Enjoy a 15-minute top-up that’s not quite an infill for just £15.
Enhance Your Look with Waxing and Tinting

In addition to our stellar lash services, Benjamin Boutique offers professional waxing and tinting treatments to further elevate your beauty:

Eyebrow wax: £5
Eyebrow wax and tint: £10
Eyebrow or Eyelash tint: £5 each
Chin or Lip wax: £5
Sundays: Your Day for ABLashes and Beauty Treatments

Make Sunday your beauty day! Revitalize your look and start the week with confidence by treating yourself to ABLashes and our comprehensive waxing/tinting services at Benjamin Boutique.

Book Your ABLashes and Beauty Appointment

Secure your spot for ABLashes and our premium waxing/tinting services at Benjamin Boutique. Our technicians are ready to create a personalized beauty experience that leaves you feeling confident and stunning.

Embrace the Beauty of ABLashes and Beyond

Join us at Benjamin Boutique and unlock the beauty of ABLashes and our exclusive range of waxing and tinting services. Whether you prefer a lash style that’s classic, hybrid, or Russian, we ensure a bespoke experience that amplifies your allure.

visit: https://www.facebook.com/ABgetyourlashon

vendor page: https://www.uksmallbusinessads.com/vendor/ablashes-at-benjamin-boutique-on-sundays/

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